Museum Langenargen

Art treasure box at Lake Constance
The Langenargen museum is located in the former rectory building across from the late baroque parish church of St. Martin and the annexed zum Heiligen Geist rest home building. The museum is now an internationally renowned treasure box at Lake Constance. The exhibited works include works of art and evidence of over 1200 years of history of Langenargens, thus, also the closely related history of the countship of Montfort. Artists are presents, who were either born here or had or have strong ties to the town. Paintigs, sculptures and coins from the romanesque period to the present go to make the museum a true treasure box full of works of art from the Lake Constance region. On the second floor, the "Bel Etage", annually changing special exhibitions are also shown.
The Langenargen museum is the home of the second largest public collection of the painter Hans Purrmann (student and friend of Henri Matisse), which is only excelled by the exhibition in Purrmanns home town of Speyer. The museum also houses works by Franz Anton Maulbertsch (1724 Langenargen – 1796 Vienna), Andreas Brugger (1737 Gattnau – 1812 Langenargen) and other renowned artists from the region.

The museum is open from the middle of March till the end of October each Tuesday till Sunday from 11-17. Adults are charged an admission fee of 4,00 €, students and seriously disabled person 3,00 € and guest with the guest card "Schwäbischer Bodensee" free entry.

Guided tours are provided each Wednesday at 15 a.m., and group tours are also possible by arrangement. You will find further information about the museum under

The history of the museum

The run down former rectory; which was built during the years 1735-1740, was planned to be demolished during the 1970s to make way for a modern residential building. However, the construction company hadn't reckoned with the level of resistance shown by the local citizens. Based on a citizen's initiative, the late boroque building was placed under monument protection in 1973, and the plan to tear down the house was, thus, foiled.

When Professor Eduard Hindelang organised the exhibition programme for the 1200 year jubilee celebration of Langenargen in 1970, a thought occurred to him that a permanent museum might be a good idea – a thought that never left him since that time. Now the time had come. He inspired his fellow citizens with the idea, founded a museum association in 1975 and was promptly elected as the president of the association. The municipal authorities bought the run down house. The entire work performed on the museum project was done so in an honorary capacity, many hours of voluntary work were invested in a thorough interior renovation of the old rectory. On the 30th of May, 1976, the museum was finally opened.

The museum and its unique structure has meanwhile gained a supra-regional level of renownedness. New treasures – sought and bought by Professor Hindelang with the aid of his excellent instinct – expanded the range of museum-owned gems. The museum association began with 38 members, which has now grown to an amazing number of almost 2000 members. Even until today, the museum is operated by a private initiative, i.e. all activities, from administration to finances and public relations work, are performed on a voluntary basis.

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