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Art and nature harmoniously combined
In the picturesque town of Langenargen, numerous publically exhibited works of art harmonise with the idyllic backdrop of Lake Constance. Sculptures and fountains are integrated in the beautiful landscape in a supplementary and enhancing manner. You will find a brief description of the main works of art on exhibit.

Bronze sculpture "Büttel" by Roland Martin

In front of the Heiligen Geist nursing home for the elderly, the impressive bronze of the Büttel (court official and town crier) looms toward the sky. Observers can tell that the Büttel is an important man, who announces the "news of the day" to the citizens, by the upward reaching hand and the bell. The Büttel traditionally stood between the nursing home and the church of Langenargen during his Sunday announcements. The reminiscence of this tradition, in the form of the bronze sculpture by Roland Martin, stands by the rest home since 1989.

"Fischerbrunnen" (Fisherman's Fountain) in front of the town hall, by Fidelis Bentele

A loving reminiscence to the fishermen of Lake Constance is the fountain in front of the town hall. The bronze fountain figure of the fisherman was created by the artist Fidelis Bentele from Oberstaufen; the Langenargen architect Eugen Hillebrandfür is responsible for the design of the fountain basin. The fountain was ceremoniously opened in 1978 and characterises the centre of Langenargen. It has particularly become a popular attraction among children visiting the town.

"Dammglonker" by Roland Martin

The life-size bronze figure of the "Dammglonkers" leans leisurely against the harbour wall since September 2006, as he watches the goings on in the Gondola Harbour. The sculpture of the labourer, who was responsible for loading salt and grains onto the merchant vessels in the 19th century, id a symbol of the tradition-rich history of the Langenargen Gondola Harbour.

"Hockender Schwimmer" (Squatting Swimmer) by Waldemar Grzimek

As if he had just emerged after a swim in Lake Constance, the squatting swimmer created by the artist Waldemar Grzimek rests in front of Montfort Castle. The muscular, bronze figure of the resting youth are an impressive sight . The "Hockender Schwimmer" figure is a permanent loan from the artist to the municipality of Langenargen, because the sculptor always had close ties with the town through his father, Günther Grzimek.


"Im Boot" (In the Boat) by Waldemar Grzimek

A strong contrast to the muscular "Hockenden Schwimmer" (Squatting Swimmer) is presented by the slender girl of the "In the Boat" sculpture, which was also created by Waldemar Grzimek and lies closely to the "Hockenden Schwimmer" in the castle park. She seems to be searching around the castle park to see what will await her in Langenargen. This bronze figure is also a permanent loan to the town by the talented artist.

"Münzhof Sculpture" by Waltraud Späth

The work created by Waltraud Späth is a reminiscence of the time when the Münzhof served as a mint. The centre of the 1992 created sculpture is dominated by a solid, black slab of granite, the upper half of which features a narrow opening. To the right of the centre, at various heights, is "a meadow of metal talers" in alignment with the granite slab. On the left hand side of the sculpture is the "perfect taler" that has reached its final stage.

​​Bronze sculpture "Innerhalb eines Augenblicks" (Within a Moment) by Esther Seidel

Since the year 2000, a young "Cavalier" stands invitingly before the historical Kavalierhaus. The artist Esther Seidel has named the sculpture "Innerhalb eines Augenblicks" (Within a Moment), which is made of colour patinised bronze and mounted on a stone base.

Purrmann busts in front of the Langenargener museum

In front of the supra-regionally renowned "treasure box of art", the Langenargen museum, stands the bronze bust of the artist Hans Purrmann (1880-1966), created by Wieland Förster. The late impressionist Hans Purrmann regularly spent the summer months from 1919 to 1935 in his "Fischerhaus" (Fisherman's House)in Langenargen and now rests together with his wife in the cemetery of Langenargen. The museum today still holds the second largest publically exhibited collection of art by Purrmann.

Bronze sculpture "Foucault" (turbulence) by Leonhard Lorenz

At first glance, the sculpture "Foucault", soaring toward the sky on the Uhlandplatz Square at the lakeside, reminds one of an inflated sail in the wind. Upon closer inspection, it could actually be the hull of a boat standing on its tip. The artist Leonhard Lorenz reveals that his sculpture symbolises the dawn of mankind with its open-worked network. The pendulum, which is attached to the apex of the static body and is moved in all directions by the wind, stands for spiritual motion.

"Froschbrunnen" (Frog Fountain) by Annette Weber

"There sits the frog", call bike riders and pedestrians enthusiastically when they pass a small bamboo grove along the Lake Constance cycle route near the Franzosenstrand (French Bank) in Langenargen. Patty the frog, a representative of the poison arrow frog species, sits upon a bench of axe-shaped oak as if enthroned. The colourful figure made of ceramic provides hikers and bikers cool, refreshing drinking water at this tranquil site.
The sculpture was created by the Langenargen artist Annette Weber in the summer of 2006. Under the patronage of the Federal Minister for Education and for and Science, Dr. Annette Schavan, and in collaboration with kindergarten and schools, drinking water sculptures were realised around Lake Constance; the Langenargen Froschbrunnen was the starting signal for this project.
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Stahlkugel (Steel Ball) "Langenargen yesterday and today" by Mirko Siakkou-Flodin and Langenargen school pupils

In the year 2008, the action artist Mirko Siakkou-Flodin started the project, together with a number of pupils of the Franz-Anton-Maulbertsch School, intended to create a work of art on the theme of Langenargen. The result of this work is the Steel Ball "Langenargen yesterday and today", which stands before the gymnasium and festival hall. Numerous images that have close ties with Langenargen invite the observer on a journey of discovery.

Open-air exhibition...

Art Park at the lakeside
Open-air art, harmoniously integrated in the idyllic landscape of the Langenargen lakeside banks - that is the idea behind the Langenargen Art Park. Since 2004, this exhibition, held from mid August to mid October, enhances the lakeside park facility with large-scale painting productions



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