Information for Caravan an camping guests

Caravan sites and camping sites in Langenargen and Kressbronn
Langenargen is also an attractive holiday destination for holidaymakers in motor homes. There are actually no official motor home pitch sites with supply and disposal systems in the town of Langenargen itself. Our motor home guests are, however, welcome to temporarily park at the car park by the municipal builder's yard near the cable suspension bridge.
We recommend the motor home pitch site in the neighbouring Kressbronn-Tunau (distance: 2 km) or the camp sites Kressbronn-Gohren (distance: 1.5 km) and Kressbronn-Iriswiese (distance: 2.5 km) for longer stays.
Guests with caravans or cycling holidaymakers with tents will also find a suitable pitch site there. Langenargen is only a short distance away and is easy to reach, for instance to enjoy the magnificent sunset from a restaurant terrace right by the lake.



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