Attractice events in the Lake of Constance region

Events in the Lake Constance region
Numerous attractive events take place in the Lake Constance region. Due to the central location of Langenargen, you can easily visit these events during your holiday, thus, you can gain an impression of the culture and tradition prevailing in the Lake Constance region.
The Seehasenfest in Friedrichshafen and the Rutenfest in Ravensburg both go on for several days in July.
The Lindauer Kinderfest takes place on a Wednesday at the end of July.
The date for the Seenachtsfest in Constance is the second Sunday in August.
The Bähnlesfest in Tettnang takes place on a Sunday at the beginning of September.


Visit the amazing Seehasenfest in Friedrichshafen

The Seehasenfest is a children's and popular regional festival held in our neighbouring town of Friedrichshafen at Lake Constance. This festival has been held annually since 1949 on a weekend in July.

The Seehase:
The Seehase, which is the main figure of the festival, is both a mythical character and a play on words. A Seehase is actually a lumpfish, but the name is made up of two words, namely See = Lake and Hase = Hare. The part of the Seehase is usually played by a young man of the region, who wears a white hare fur costume with black spots. As the main figure, the Seehase has an obligation to be present and play an active part at all important events of the festival.

The Seehasenfest takes place in the middle of July.
Friedrichshafen lies approx. 9 km to the west of Langenargen.

Rutenfest Ravensburg

Culture an tradition in Upper Swabia

The Rutenfest is celebrated annually in the Upper Swabian town of Ravensburg before the beginning of the summer holidays, and it is traditionally a school pupil and town festival. The origins of this festival reaches right back to the 14th century.
The Rutenfest takes place every July.
The Upper Swabian town of Ravensburg lies approx. 25 km away from Langenargen.

Seenachtsfest Constance

The largest public festival at the Lake of Constance

The town of Constance has celebrated its Seenachtfest every August for the last 60 years.
The event has long since gained popularity and become supra-regionally renowned – the visitors meanwhile come to Constance from all over Germany, as well as the neighbouring countries of Switzerland and Austria, in order to experience the largest festival at Lake Constance.

The highlight of the festival is the magnificent firework display on the lake, one of the largest in Europe. But also the multifaceted supporting programme with live music, street theatre, street performers, open-air parties, versatile family programme, over 50 catering stands and much more go to make a visit to the Constance Seenachtfest a fantastic summer experience.
The magnificent backdrop of the surrounding landscape and the Mediterranean flair at the lakeside give the Seenachtfest an extraordinary atmosphere. The visitors stroll leisurely along the 3.5 kilometre long lakeside promenade, allow themselves to be pampered by the Seenachtfest catering services, enjoy the versatile programme and are swept away by the live music, which is performed on seven different stages until late into the night.
The Seenachtfest is a festival for the whole family, providing great entertainment and activities for children: They can have lots of fun at the annual games fair, take an active part in the children's theatre, listen enthralled to the story teller, juggle, paint and draw pictures of the firework display, and much more.
Water is, of course, traditionally an integral feature of the Seenachtfest programme – among a number of other things, water skiers speed through the bay of Constance in a spectacular show.
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The Constance Seenachtsfest takes place on the middle of August.
Constance can be reached by commercial passenger boat or the ferry from Meersburg.

At the ticket desk in the Tourist Information Langenargen, you can obtain special excursion boat tickets to the firework display at the Seenachtfest in Constance. To marvel at the amazing firework display from the deck of a boat is an unforgettable experience.

Bähnlesfest Tettnang

Not only an experience for children

The Bähnlesfest in Tettnang takes place on the 2nd Sunday in September. The Bähnlesfest is a popular street festival with music and performing arts, children's programme and flea market.
The first Bähnlesfest took place in the year 1976 as a reaction to the closure of the rail operation between Tettnang and Meckenbeuren. The people of Tettnang organised the first Bähnlesfest to to let everyone know that such limitations could neither adversely affect their self-confidence nor the attractiveness of their town.
Since then, the citizens, clubs, associations and music bands, strongly supported by the town administration, transform the entire town centre, between Lindauer Strasse and the castle, into a huge festival ground. Each year, thousands of people come from near and far to visit the Bähnlesfest in Tettnang.

Tettnang lies approximately 12 km to the north of Langenargen.



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