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Events take place almost daily during summer in Langenargen, sometimes even several on one day. The neighbouring towns and villages in the Lake Constance region also have lots to offer. Due to the central location, Langenargen is the ideal starting point to visit events in neighbouring towns and villages of the region.
Tip: Uferfest (Lakeside Festival) its on the first weekend of the summer holidy of Baden-Württemberg with a pyromusical firework.

The Highlights in Langenargen


4 days of great atmosphere in the lakeside park at the Lake of Constance

Langenargen Uferfest (Lakeside Festival)

LANGENARGEN – There's no better way to begin the summer holidays: The municipality of Langenargen treats its guests to a colourful, four day festival cocktail at the Uferfest (Lakeside Festival), which is held before an amazing backdrop of Lake Constance and the magnificent Alps.

Those familiar with the popular festival that stretches along the beautiful promenade already look forward to the next Lakeside Festival, where there will be parachute jumping displays, a children's activity lawn, a pyromusical firework display, fishermen's jousting contests and many more attractions.

"All good things come from up above", is the motto at the opening of the festival on Friday at 11.00a.m. and 14.30 p.m. The soldiers of the Luftlandesanitätskompanie (paratroop corpsmen) SpezEins, 4th Luftlandeunterstützungsbataillon (paratroop support battalion) 262 from Merzig boldly plunge from the skies with their parachutes directly into the cool water of Lake Constance. The Lakeside Festival is officially opened on Friday evening at 19.00 p.m.

The little ones are the big ones on Saturday morning: A children's flea market is held from 08.00 a.m. in the morning on the lakeside promenade, whereby children's toys, books etc. will exchange hands at bargain prices. Parents are requested to allow the children manage business themselves, but to ensure that they only sell things that they or their siblings don't need anymore. After sitting at the flea market stand all morning, the See- und Waldkindergarten (Lake and Forest Kindergarten) ensure lots of fun and games at the children's activity lawn. From 11.00 a.m. in the morning, the "Fest Minis" can roll up their sleeves and prove their handicraft talents. They can fulfil their creative ideas during a carpentry session while working with natural materials. And if the youngsters feel a little peckish they can whittle a skewer out of a stick to bake bread over the fire. Those who aren't so keen on working with hammers, nails and woodcarving knives can go with the creative flow at the handicrafts table. The little guests, or even the bigger ones, can also have a great time digging tunnels and moats and building castles in the sand. When the kids are out of energy and need a break, they can retreat to the Tent of Senses to spend a few peaceful moments.  Those who are romantic at heart will experience an enchanting event at 22.00 p.m.: The colourfully illuminated fishing boats glide serenely across the lake in a procession presented by the Angelsportverein (Angling Sport Club) before the pyromusical firework display lights up the sky in an amazing spectrum of colours at 22.15 p.m. – a true pleasure for eyes and ears.

The highlight of the Uferfest on Sunday is the Fishermen's Jousting Competition, which makes a real splash: Same as every year, the Fishermen's Jousting tournament is declared open at 17.00 p.m. with the cry "Stechen frei" ("May the jousting commence")! Spurred on by the majestic, the Count of Montfort, the harbour labourer, the castle jester and the farmer's wife duel with one another from the bows of boats, whereby strength, good sea legs and clever tactics are are needed, because each participant has to try to force his or her opponent off the respective other boat and into the water with the aid of a lance, which is a fun spectacle for the audience.
But that's not all folks! The beginning of the week is also marked by the popular Langenargen festival: On Monday from 15.00 p.m. the Uferfest visitors can meet at the Rumpelstilzchen (Rumpelstiltskin) stand for coffee and cake, while the youngsters have fun on the Children's Activity Lawn of the lake and forest kindergarten. As from 17.30 p.m. the various clubs and associations involved in the festival invite guests to a pleasant get-together.

Culinary specialities are provided for guests during each day of the festival by the local clubs and associations.

Season opening

Start of the tourist season

Historical festival at the start of the season

Langenargen celebrates the start of the tourist season with a grand Season Opening event

The event takes place whatever the weather.

Hafenfest (Habour Festival)

Music, culture and culinary delights at the Lake of Constance

Langenargen Hafenfest (Harbour Festivals)

The picturesque Gondelhafen (Gondola Harbour) is the scene of the Langenargen Harbour Festivals. Festivals are held each second Thursday June till September with music, culture and culinary delights at the picturesque gondola harbour at the heart of Langenargen. With a view of Montfort Castle, local catering businesses provide delicious specialities to accompany live music by the lakeside.
The Harbour Festivals have been held over the past four years. The tasty dishes are prepared on-site by the catering experts of Langenargen. The offers include delicacies such as whitefish in batter, deep fried with sauce remoulade and potato salad, Bodensee (Lake Constance) fish soup, beef steak with onions and Kässpätzle (Swabian cheese noodles) or turkey Stroganoff and mousse au chocolat. The festivals also provide an opportunity to watch the chefs at work and perhaps learn a trick or two. Local hotel and restaurant owners also work hand in hand serving drinks.
Thus, within a relatively short time, the Harbour Festivals have developed into one of the most popular events in Langenargen. These festivals are a must for both locals and guests.
The Harbour Festivals take place from June to August. Festivals begin at 17.00 p.m., music from 18.30 p.m.

Match Race Germany

Top - class yachting on the Lake of Constance

Match Race Germany
Looking over the shoulders of professional yachtsmen/yachtswomen

A breeze of the America’s Cup wafts across Lake Constance, when, during the Whitsuntide holidays, the world's elite Match Race yachtsmen and yachtswomen meet annually in Langenargen in order to determine the best in an exciting match of boat against boat.
Before the impressive backdrop of Langenargen's lakeside promenade, the yachting professionals present interesting and hard-fought competitions, which are followed by more than 30,000 spectators during the five exciting days of the Match Race.
The supporting programme on land is just as top-class as the sporting event on the lake. In addition to a versatile catering offer and a diversified music programme, water sport is, of course, also the focal point on land. Thus, lots of information, interactive activities and sponsor presentations in the subject of water sport are provided. The lakeside promenade in Langenargen is thereby transformed into a yachting adventure park for young and old. All-day children's activities are also planned for Whit Sunday.
Admission to all of the events is free of charge.

You can find further information about Match Race Germany under

More than 35,000 spectators visited the German Match Race classic during the five days. 15,000 people flooded into the harbour of Langenargen on Whit Monday alone. A great level of enthusiasm also prevailed among the partners and sponsors of the leading German Match Race regatta. Organiser Harald Thierer explained: "We look very optimistically toward the future. We think that the next step toward a partnership with a title sponsor will now be possible. While Match Race Germany was being held, we held some very promising talks with decision-makers."



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