Highlights in Langenargen

You shouldn´t miss this during your holiday in Langenargen...

There are many things to experience in Langenargen. The diverse range of offers has almost no limits. Here are a few selected tips to make your holiday in Langenargen at Lake Constance an unforgettable experience.

Lakeside promenade Langenargen

The promenade between Montfort Castle and Hotel Seeterrasse is counted among the longest around Lake Constance. Many of the guests visiting Langenargen consider this to be the most attractive promenade that the lake has to offer, which is not only due to the beautiful flower beds and the amazing view of the lake and the Swiss Alps on the opposite side. A large number of benches invite guests to relax and savour the atmosphere. The children's playground ideally located in the lakeside gardens is not only popular with our young guests.

The popular Langenargen Uferfest takes place in the lakeside gardens at the first weekend of the summer holidays of Baden-Württemberg.

Bathing in Lake Constance

Bathing in the lake is a real must during a summer holiday at Lake Constance, or the Bodensee as it is known in Germany. As of the beginning of July, the temperature of the averages around 20 ° C, and in August up to 25 ° C.
For those who prefer to swim in a pool, the Langenargen Strandbad, which is an outdoor bathing facility, has a heated swimming pool, as well as a heated recreation and fun pool. And anyone who does feel tempted to take a bigger dip only needs to walk a few steps before plunging into the lake.

The Langenargen Strandbad outdoor bathing facility is open from mid May to mid September daily from 9.00 a.m. till 20.00 p.m.

Lake Constance boat trip experience

What would a holiday at Lake Constance be without a boat trip? You can hop aboard one of the excursion steam boats of the White Fleet directly from the quay in Langenargen and comfortably reach the most wonderful excursion destinations around Lake Constance. Constance, Meersburg, the islands of Mainau or Lindau: In the Lake Constance region there are an endless number of attractions and possible destinations that are well worth a visit.
By the way: A boat trip is a great experience even during bad weather. The lake seems to change its mood according to the weather, which creates a really special atmosphere. You can get tickets at the booking office in the Langenargen Tourist Information centre.
You can also get time tables directly from the Tourist Information centre or we can send them to you upon request phone +49 (0)7543/9330-92. Online time table information can be obtained under www.bsb-online.com.

Sailing like the professionals

The world's elite match race yachtsmen and yachtswomen venue at the Match Race Germany during the Whitsuntide weekend for an exciting boat against boat competition in Langenargen. The eight yachts, which are used in the race, are provided for guests to charter or sail on throughout the rest of the year.
Inexperienced "landlubbers" can also sail on the yachts and learn the ropes by looking over the shoulder of an experienced yachtsman or yachtswoman, and they can take over the rudder and feel the thrill of navigating a Match Race Yacht.

Sunset at the Gondola Harbour

A sunset at the Langenargen gondola harbour with a view of Montfort Castle is a holiday experience that you shouldn't miss during your stay in Langenargen.

Every second Thursday of each month from June until August you can visit the popular Harbour Festivals. The festivals begin at 17.00 pm.

Apple blossom at Lake Constance

The landscape around Lake Constance is bathed in a sea of white and pink blossoms during springtime: The apple blossom season fascinates both holiday guests and locals each spring. The beginning of the apple blossom season depends on a number of factors. The most important factor is certainly the weather. If the winter is short and April is sunny and warm, apple blossoms can bloom as early as early or mid May. If the winter stays longer, the blooming season can be delayed by up to 3-4 weeks. But even when the apple blossoms bloom and the trees shine resplendently in white and pink, no one can say for sure how long the blaze of color will last. A rain shower with strong winds can be enough to end the beautiful spectacle of nature.

Iris blossom in Eriskircher Ried

In the neighbouring village of Eriskirch is the much visited Eriskircher Ried nature reserve. From mid May to early June, Eriskircher Ried blooms with the most opulent blaze of colour imaginable: Thousands of Siberian irises coat the meadow of the Eriskircher Ried nature reserve an amazing shade of blue, which is interspersed with vibrant dabs of yellow of the water iris. The Siberian iris populations are a highly endangered species, of which the populations at Lake Constance are the most beautiful in the whole of Germany. The name is derived from the spreading of the species, reaching right up to West Siberia. It is, however, actually a domestic wildflower plant, which wasn't introduced by humans! The iris blossom can be seen particularly well from the road leading to the Eriskirch Strandbad outdoor bathing facility. But please restrain your enthusiasm a little and keep on the roads and pathways, even as a photographer.

Discover the Eriskircher Ried nature reserve from the lake. Regular morning nature study excursions take place with experts from the Nature Preserve Centre on the historical sailing boat Lädine. The boat sets sail respectively at 6.30 am. from the gondola harbour Langenargen (duration approx. 2 hours).



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