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House of culture in the true sense
The Kavalierhaus lies charmingly at the edge of the Castle Park. It is architecturally based on the design of Montfort Castle, and both buildings are also closely tied from an historical point of view. The construction of the Kavalierhaus began in 1866, after Karl I of Württemberg decided upon this site as a place of residence for the castle administrator, the cook and the "Cavalier of Her Majesty, the Queen Mum and the Cavalier of His Royal Highness, Prince Friedrich". The baroque concept envisioned a perfect sense of symmetry for both the exterior and interior design of the building. An example for this is the second toilet window toward the street, which is merely a mock-up. The roof construction, which allows the entire roof ridge load to rest on the outer walls, is particularly aesthetic.
The ground floor of the building is now occupied by a café-restaurant, the first floor holds a producer's gallery and the studio apartment of the awardee, and the top floor holds an event hall.

Kavalierhaus Award Langenargen

Since 1997, the municipality of Langenargen grants awards to artists of fine art. A renowned professional jury elects four artists, who can each live and work in the studio apartment in the Kavalierhaus for a period of three months (April till June, August till October), every two years. Following the three month residence in Langenarge, the awardees present an exhibition in the Kavalierhaus gallery to show the works of art created during their stay. The Kavalierhaus Award is supported by the companies Vetter in Ravensburg and Bodensee-Moränekies in Langenargen.

Event Hall on the top floor

In the loft of the Kavalierhauses is a small, cosy room for public events and private celebrations with up to 70 persons.

Are you interested in booking the event hall?
Your contact person for schedules and booking is Ms. Hilde Wegmann, Phon +49 (0)7543/9330-37, wegmann@langenargen.de
You can also find information on the Kavalierhaus hall in our brochure "Feiern & Tagen (Celebrations & Conferences) in Langenargen", which you can download as a PDF here.



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