Venue for culture & conviviality

Since the opening of the Münzhof in the year 1988, the house has witnessed a lively coming and going, recreative abidance and stimulating entertainment. The Münzhof has become a popular venue for culture and conviviality. Even the entrance area with its reading foyer has an inviting atmosphere that makes one want to linger, and the library provides a great collection of literature to suit every taste. The large hall with a stage provides enough room for concerts, theatre presentations, performing art evenings, lectures and private celebrations.

History of the Münzhof

The Münzhof - a house with a long line of history

The diverse history of the "Münzhof" began in the year 1621, when Count Hugo of Montfort commissioned the construction of a mint in Langenargen, which was destroyed by the Swedes during the Thirty Years War. Right next to the site, a new mint with a fiscal payment in kind store was erected in 1675, but was reduced to ashes by a stroke of lightning in the year 1733. The reconstruction of the building as we know it today began only two years later in 1735 – again as a fiscal payment in kind store. The building was used for a wide range of purposes during the 19th and 20th centuries: As a stable, for the Deutsche Reichsbahn (State Railway), as a residence for a Traditions and Customs Association, as a residential building for the municipality and finally as a builder's yard. Culture then came to the fore in 1988: The building was completely renovated to create a centre for public and private events and a public library, which has gained immense popularity that outreaches the municipal borders by far.

Performing arts in the historical building

Colourful programme to suit every taste

Enjoy the performing arts within the atmospheric ambience of a historic building – an amazing experience for Münzhof guests. There, where a mint was operated in the 17th century, one of the cultural centres of Langenargen was created at the end of the eighties. The popularity of this cultural centre outreaches the municipal borders by far. The all-season cultural programme ranges from classic to Jazz, cabaret and dance to interesting lectures and children's theatre performances. Particularly popular features are the "Summer Jam", "Palm Court Music" and "Kulturherbst für kleine Leute - Cultural Autumn for Little People" productions.

Film Scene at the Münzhof
Every second Thursday the Münzhof is transformed into a movie theatre. The Film Scene shows a number of films that are unjustly awarded little attention in mainstream cinemas. But certain box office hits are also regularly included in the programme.
Adult admission to the Film Scene events costs only 3,00 Euro, adolescents 2,50 Euro and free entry for people with the Tourist card "Schwäbischer Bodensee. Films always start at 20.00 p.m.

Ticket sales and further information
You can reserve tickets for the events in the Münzhof at the Tourist Information Langenargen, Fon +49 (0)7543/9330-92. It would be our pleasure to deliver your ordered tickets at the Münzhof box office. Please collect your tickets at least a half hour before the event is due to begin.

The Münzhof is open at least a half hour before events begin. The seats are not numbered, no seat reservations are possible - with the exception of our subscribers.

The Tourist Information Langenargen would be delighted to provide you with gift vouchers for a cultural rush subscription or a Münzhof event, Fon +49 (0)7543/9330-92.

Public libary in the Münzhof

Entertainment, knowledge or a simple browse...

The public library of Langenargen has found a worthy setting in the upper three floors of the historical Münzhofs building. With a media offer of around 14,000 books, newspapers, magazines, CDs, DVDs, MCs, CD-Roms and games, there is certainly something for everyone. The entrance area of the Münzhofs is a reading foyer, where visitors can relax, hold discussions and read various newspapers and magazines. The library provides a comprehensive range of services including public internet PCs, a multimedia PC with educational and games software, interlibrary loan, reservations and media loan extensions, infromation and advice concerning media selection and literary events.
By the way: Upon presentation of your Guest Card you can lend media from the library for free during your stay (with exception of DVDs, for which a rental fee of 2,00 € is charged).

Bücherei im Münzhof
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Phone +49 (0)7543/2559

Opening hours:
Tuesday 10-12 and 15-18
Wednesday 15-18
Thursday 10-12 and 15-19
Friday 15-18

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Let´s celebrate

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The large hall of the "Münzhof" can also be used for private or business events. Please ask us for further information.

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Münzhof Langenargen
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